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Denise N. Rall denrall at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 21 21:50:49 PDT 2006

Dear AIR-ers - 

[perhaps this will apply, hoping not to fan the flames
I wrote a slideshow last year called: "WHAT the *&^!$#
is internet research? & HOW the ^*#$# does it work?"

I noted the difference between googling something and
internet research had to do with the nature of the
inquiry (I believe some others have said this).

Internet research pursues inquiries that are both:
* focused
* sustained
vs. flinging something into google and hoping for
illumination on the spot

Further, the research process itself demands three
* examines the questions that are asked
* questions the methods used to frame the questions
* finally, questions the answers received

I don't mention science as qualitative research does
this as well as other types of research.

In the end, my definition revolved around questioning
the answers as well as asking the questions.

Hope this helps . . . .


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