[Air-l] refs on myspace and facebook

Mark Bell typewritermark at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 11:52:34 PST 2006

Dr. Nardi,

This is what I have on Facebook. For myspace I would consult danah
boyd (she is very hard to get a hold of her) or someone from her list
(link below).

There is also an edition of JCMC that will be dealing with social
networks and facebook and MySpace will be mentioned. I am preparing a
submission for this now that studies homophily in Facebook groups.


Stutzman, Frederic (2006).An Evaluation of Identity-Sharing Behavior
in Social Network Communities. iDMa Journal (In press).
Burkart, Jenae Dissertation "College Social Networking; A Virtual
Ethnography of Facebook.com"
Stutzman, F. (2006) Our Lives, Our Facebooks. Presentation to the 2006
International Sunbelt Social Network Conference, Vancouver, BC.
Stutzman, F. (2006) Student Life on the Facebook. Originally a weblog
posting - non-traditional academic work. Document (12p, pdf).

This is more general stuff.
General Social Software Research:
- you should be reading danah's blog if you are into this.


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