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Call it open-source philosophy, or deep thought for the networked age. A
Berlin-based group dubbed Dropping Knowledge is drawing 112 high-profile
artists, activists, intellectuals and policymakers to the German capital on
Saturday, Sept. 9, to discuss the world's most pressing questions, as
submitted and rated by you, the internet community.

The Table of Free Voices event, to be held in what was once the Nazis'
favorite book-burning square, will see participants from Bill Joy to Cindy
Sheehan spend a day discussing the top 100 user-suggested questions. Each
individual answer will be filmed, transcribed, translated and put online to
seed a discussion site that organizers hope will stay active afterwards, and
ultimately help spark social change.

You can see the site at http://www.droppingknowledge.org/

And questions at http://www.droppingknowledge.org/bin/dk?ph=questions

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