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"Building the Knowledge Society on the Internet: Making Value from 
Information Exchange"

Proposals Submission Deadline: September 15, 2006
Full Chapters Due: January 15, 2007

editor: Dr. Ettore Bolisani, University of Padua, Italy

The book is scheduled to be published by Idea Group Inc., 
www.idea-group.com, publisher of the Idea Group Publishing, Information 
Science Publishing, IRM Press, CyberTech Publishing
and Idea Group Reference imprints.

Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
a. Models and patterns of effective information exchange on the Net
Cognitive behaviours of Internet users
Categories of users and their searching processes
Sources of knowledge and their exploitation
Methods to evaluate and select Internet sources
How to be retrieved on the Net
Organising, classifying, and publishing valuable sources
b. Foundations, limitations and prospects of computer tools and information 
Automation vs. flexibility in the future Internet searching tools
“Semantic approaches” to the web
Design criteria of “ valuable” web portals
Matching user needs with the technical characteristics of tools
c. Knowledge management on the Internet
Conceptual roots and practical issues of knowledge management on the Internet
Definitions of knowledge and their practical use: What can really be shared 
through the Net?
Knowledge management and knowledge sharing within and between organisations
Organisational configurations for online knowledge sharing
d. The economic value of knowledge sharing through the Net
Measuring the economic value of information and knowledge on the Internet
Knowledge-based business models and services
Languages and standards for business information exchange
Exchanging knowledge in extended and virtual enterprises
Models and practice for effective knowledge sharing in networked 
organisations, virtual teams,
and virtual communities of practice
Open environments and knowledge exchanges

Researchers and practitioners are invited to send an e-mail of 
acknowledgement to the Editor, and then to submit on or before September 
15, 2006 a 2-5 page manuscript proposal clearly explaining the mission and 
concerns of the proposed chapter. Authors of accepted proposals will be 
notified by October 15, 2006 about the status of their proposals and sent 
chapter organisational guidelines. Full chapters are expected to be 
submitted by January 15, 2007. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a 
doubleblind review basis.

The complete Call For Chapters may be found at: 
Inquiries and submissions can be forwarded electronically (Word document) 
or by mail to:
Dr. Ettore Bolisani
Associate Professor
DTG – Department of Management and Engineering
Stradella San Nicola, 3 – 36100 VICENZA – ITALY
Phone (direct): +39.0444.998725 or +39.049.8277825
Fax: +39.049.998888 or +39.049.8277825
Mobile: +39.320.0440184
email: ettore.bolisani at unipd.it
webpage: http://www2.gest.unipd.it/labtesi/eb-homepage.htm 

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