[Air-l] Dialectic XY

Dr. W. Reid Cornwell wrc at tcfir.org
Thu Sep 7 16:28:42 PDT 2006


Internet Scholars are invited to participate in a threaded, searchable,
indexed Forum on the internet.

DialecticXY is an interdisciplinary research forum created with the purpose
of systematically investigating the vast intersection of Internet technology
and the human experience. 

This exploration is taking place from a variety of perspectives including
information technology, ethics, psychology, commerce, politics,
anthropology, semiotics, sociology, pedagogy and computer science with
interests that span the industrial, government, scientific and academic

It is only by virtue of the existence of the Internet that this
collaborative paradigm, at this scale and scope, is even possible. 

It is the ultimate objective of DialecticXY to not only advance pure
scientific understanding of the Internet but to also produce practicable
technologies and knowledge that will help to shape the future of the

DialecticXY welcomes the participation and contributions of the worldwide
community of Internet scholars.



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