[Air-l] disjunction - sample

Rob Patton patton at cits.ucsb.edu
Fri Sep 8 01:06:45 PDT 2006

In response to Barry's question.

Here's a small random sample of Facebook user local friend networks.  Local
network friends are only from the user's College or University.


Mean	147	
Median	126	
Mode	70	
Range	10-567	

1st	78
2nd	126.5
3rd	192
4th	567

Female	n=168	
Mean    158

Male	n=132	
Mean    133

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Center for Information Technology and Society
Univerity of California
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The US General Social Survey claims the average American has 
slightly more than 2 people they discuss important matters with.
Our Connected Lives and Pew Strength of Ties studies show 
somewhat higher numbers (see Hogan, Carrasco & Wellman on our 
website). But still reckoned by the dozen (or two).
When the inevitable reporter calls, how do I reconcile these 
numbers with the 100-200 or so that folks on this list are 
saying are Facebook "friends".
Does anyone have a distribution of the # of friends per 
Facebook account: mean, median, mode, quartiles, ranges would 
be nice too.

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