[Air-l] ableism

Kathy Mancuso kmancuso at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 14:30:40 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I have not been responding to the debate on ableism largely because I
am currently unwell and have limited computer access.  I will endeavor
to compose a more thought through reaction when I have time.  However,
I would like to apologize for referring to Dr Cornwell as Mr Cornwell.
 I had not been made aware that he had a PhD, and on this point I am
genuinely sorry for my own misinformation.  On the other hand, we were
discussing Dr Goddard's dissertation in that very post, thus I was
assured that he did indeed have a PhD.

By using polite language and honorifics, I was attempting to couch
this in a friendly manner so it would not be taken as a flame, but
rather as a genuine request to keep AoIR-L a safe space for everyone,
and to allow us to better continue in our work of "unpacking the
knapsack" of privilege in online spaces.  I'm sorry that my politeness
has been incorrectly interpreted, and I will attempt to be more polite
next time.

I would also like to make it clear that I did not say that any
individual on this list was an ableist.  When I said willful spin, I
was referring to the fact that the "blindness" referred to seemed to
be a kind of "willful ignorance," as I had mentioned in the previous
sentence, and I thought that people would notice that the repetition
of the word was referring back to my previous usage of the term.


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Katherine Mancuso, graduate student, Emory University

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