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Dr. W. Reid Cornwell wrc at tcfir.org
Sun Sep 10 19:43:32 PDT 2006

For those of you that have been speculating that I am Rasputin I hate to
disappoint you but I am not him. Charles is correct that they are associated
with me but I did not put them up to those communications. I did allow them
to change the login to the listserv but what transpired is not of my doing.

Having said that, I have several things to bring to your attention.

I agree with everything that Rasputin said. (I have read them)

I have also read my own communications to the listserv. (over 150 pages)
While they arguably could be considered aggressive, they have not labeled
anyone and have been directed towards specific points that should be

I argue that the most strident posts that I have made have been a reaction
to attacks by others and that even then what could be considered and attack
by me was framed as a question.

I assert that others have been allowed to label and to nuance criticism
without rapprochement.

I assert that under the color of an alias (KQ-Amazon) has been allowed to
level disrespectful communications and no one has risen to my defense. No
one has challenged the alias.

I assert that Terri Senft has been allowed, without rapprochement, to use
vulgar epithets and she has done so on three different occasions.

The arguably unethical or professional attack on my part was the poking of
fun at Jeremy for his use of dense language.

I assert that Charles Ess agreed with my assessment of the lack of clear
definitions and then reprimanded me for having said it not to his liking.

I assert that Charles Ess as the result of a private communication, by
someone else, has labeled me unprofessional and unethical in the public

I don't have to prove any points I have made. They are a matter of the
archival record. 

I stand by the comments below.


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Rules or customs have no meaning when they are differently applied.
Words like unprofessional, unethical, trolling, fan boy are only applied by
the inner circle of a group identity that seeks to exclude.

Hiding behind an alias is a well entrenched Internet behavior and practiced
by more than one AOIR member. Why has the collective voice been silent till

These dialogues bare the ugly truths of a private club. He/she is not our
kind of people. He /She is unprofessional.

It's permissible for Joe BagofDonuts to use the bandwidth to appeal for the
rescue from poor planning. (rooms in Brisbane) (not of general interest). I
resent having this in my mailbox. Who has flamed them.

It's hard to look at the dark underbelly of these pretensions. All the
academic language in the dictionary can't hide the snobbery. This dialogue
says more about AOIR than me.

"When pricked do I not bleed"


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Subject: list etiquette

"Rasputin," cc to AoIR Executive Committee, Jeremy Hunsinger.

"Rasputin" wrote
> Perhaps, aside from "we've always done this way", you could give an

I am happy to engage in online discussion - but not with

interlocutors who are hiding behind a pseudonym;

whose primary mode of discourse is attack - indeed, whose primary mode of
discourse seems mostly to head in the direction of trolling;

and whose pseudonym almost certainly masks an interlocutor and/or consociate
who has already established a pattern of attack / trolling -
including personal attacks, both by innuendo onlist and directly offlist.

At best, such behavior is unprofessional - especially for someone hoping to
make constructive use of internet technologies for communication.  At best,
such behavior is unconstructive and a waste of everyone's time and
At worst, such behavior is unethical, because it fails to begin with a
minimum of respect for others.

Come out from behind the pseudonym, take clear and personal responsibility
for your words, engage with us constructively and professionally, and I'll
be happy to continue the conversation.

- charles ess

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