[Air-l] Trusted Wikipedia, blessed versions

SJ Klein sjklein at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu Sep 21 23:48:53 PDT 2006

Alex : lovely idea.  confusing name, though.  99.9% of wikipedia is trusted 
by *someone*, after all...

Better to do a small project as you suggest, with a topic specific name,
and see how it works out.  The Chemistry WikiProject is currently doing
that kind of expert peer review on chem articles; they have 15+ phds and
professors who have split up the major articles and are shepherding them
to high information density, well-referenced 'feature' quality.


On a personal level, I think it is unbearably charming that there is a
'chemicals trophy box' maintained by proud coeditors in the "chemicals"
subproject of this chemistry project, which informs me that Caffeine is
the latest article on a chemical to gain 'featured' status.


I am an advocate for what you propose, which I have called a 'blessed 
versions' approach to stability and peer review.  It has not yet been 
implemented by anyone; you would be the first.  Please update this
page as the project progresses:


Best wishes,

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