[Air-l] Tagging AoIR 7.0

Ericka Menchen Trevino emtrevino at gmail.com
Sun Sep 24 13:28:12 PDT 2006


I noticed the conference program suggested the Technorati tag for blog
posts aoir2006 so I wanted to mention this on the list since I haven't
seen it mentioned here. There will be a number of new faces attending
the conference this year so this should be useful for finding
commentary. The posts do take some time to show up, so don't worry if
your post isn't there instantly. The place to view blog posts thus
tagged as the conference progresses is

Also, judging by the surveys we sent last year many people liked
sharing pictures on Flickr. (I'll be talking about this and and many
other issues 10:00 Saturday) To keep it simple I vote for aoir2006 for
Flickr as well. View these at


Ericka Menchen Trevino
Graduate Student
University of Illinois at Chicago


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