[Air-l] Internet access in Colombia

Hernando Rojas hrojas at wisc.edu
Wed Sep 27 16:23:48 PDT 2006

Dear all


Partnering with a Colombian University I have just finished fielding a
survey (July) that looks broadly at communication and political
participation in the Colombian context. The raw data will be made available
to interested researchers early next year, but for now I thought I would
post some descriptor of Internet access and use. This face to face survey
used random sampling techniques, and resulted in 1009 completed responses
that represent the URBAN population of Colombia (75% of the Colombian


Have Internet access: 35%

Digital divide: Small now in terms of gender (55% males), but very big in
terms of income and formal education.

Most frequent use: Email (83%)

Other uses: 

News (53%)

Commenting news online (22%)

Responding to blogs (4%)

Online discussion forums (11%) 

Seeking political info in the past presidential election (17%)


If you are interested in the data send me email (to me not to the list) and
when it becomes available I will send it to you.






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