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David Brake D.R.Brake at lse.ac.uk
Tue Sep 5 14:13:45 PDT 2006

 From Sonia Livingstone at the LSE:

> My colleague Leah Lievrouw and I have been asked to develop and  
> edit a major compilation of "classic" must-read articles in new  
> media studies - a sort of "desert island" collection that will be  
> published as a (rather hefty) four-volume reference.
> Leah and I have made our own preliminary list. However, our  
> experience with the Handbook of New Media has taught us that this  
> field is a very big umbrella, covering everything from media law  
> and regulation, to studies of communities and social networks, to  
> education and the workplace, to digital arts and culture (and  
> more).  The challenge is to assemble a collection that fairly and  
> comprehensively covers the field as we specialists understand it.
> So, we are seeking your help! We’d love you to tell us about up to  
> three nominations for journal or proceedings articles, key book  
> chapters, or other publications of similar length that you would  
> consider essential reads for anyone wanting to know what new media  
> studies (broadly construed) is about.
> These might be readings you always assign to students, items you  
> consistently cite in your own work, or pieces that have made a  
> difference in the way you think about and study new media yourself.  
> We are particularly interested in items that have historical value,  
> tend to be overlooked, or concisely capture a writer's most  
> important ideas. We’re also keen to make this an international  
> list, since this is an international field. You may suggest your  
> own publications, BUT we are more interested to know what or who  
> has influenced you.
> Leah and I will select the final list for the collection, but we  
> will be happy to summarize and share everyone's nominees after we  
> get feedback, which itself should be a very interesting resource.   
> We'd like your suggestions and ideas by October 1 if possible -  
> we're also eager to see if this exercise generates any discussion!
> Thanks very much for your time and interest!
> Sonia Livingstone - please reply to s.livingstone at lse.ac.uk

I have put a blog posting up about it on the unofficial LSE groupblog  
here: http://groupblog.workasone.net/ and nominated three papers I  
considered to be exemplary there - I would be interested to know what  
papers/chapters you sent to Sonia and welcome the chance for a  
discussion either on this list or in the comments for the blog.
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