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There are lots of good resources nowadays, but my favorite remain's Georgia 
Harper's "Crash Course in Copyright" at UT: 


On Aug 30 2006, Holly Kruse wrote:

> In terms of content posted in public forums, I must say that back in the 
> 1990s in teaching an undergrad media law class in a communication 
> department and administering an incredibly high volume Listserv-run email 
> list populated primarily by internet newbies, I found it highly useful to 
> refer people (in the U.S.) to this "Copyright Basics" website:
>  http://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ1.html
> It doesn't address all of the nuances of internet copyright law raised 
> here, and I know that the experts in legal issues related to intellectual 
> property and the internet on air-l might be able to help us grasp those 
> (broadcast model vs. print model in the communication decency act ruling, 
> etc.), but for laypeople like me I think that this is a pretty helpful 
> basic site.

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