[Air-l] Facebook protests

Michael Zimmer michael.zimmer at nyu.edu
Thu Sep 7 04:59:53 PDT 2006

Continuing this analogy, this isn't about the city pushing traffic  
past your house, increasing the number of those who happen to drive  
by and see what is in your front lawn, but more like the city placing  
a camera on your front lawn and pushing the feed into the homes of  
everyone one else in the community. Rather than "just happening upon"  
the lawn because one was lucky enough to be at the right place and  
the right time, everyone can simply flip on their telescreen and see  
exactly what has changed on the lawn.

On Sep 7, 2006, at 7:43 AM, Mark Bell wrote:

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> What a person put on Facebook is like things you put on their front  
> lawn. a
> person has no control over who drives by. They have little or no  
> control
> over how the city can change things to push more traffic past your  
> house.
> All they can really control is what is in your front lawn. None of the
> information that Facebook is using is obtained without consent of  
> the user.
> The consent they give by making a profile and uploading information.
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