[Air-l] disjunction

Cliff Lampe lampecli at msu.edu
Thu Sep 7 21:45:05 PDT 2006

Hi all-

In a recent crawl of users at Michigan State University, here are the
numbers of "friends" as scraped from profiles.

Friends at MSU

mean:		84
median:	66
mode:		1
range:	1 - 418
quartiles:	25	1
		50	66
		75	136

Friends at other schools

mean:		80
median:	65
mode:		1
range:	1 - 1297
quartiles:	25	1
		50	65
		75	115

The usual caveats apply.  These results are from MSU solely, from a few
months ago.  etc. etc.  

Our survey data indicates that "friends" are people met offline who become
online connections.

This is my first post to the list, so "hi" as well.

Cliff Lampe

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The US General Social Survey claims the average American has slightly more
than 2 people they discuss important matters with.

Our Connected Lives and Pew Strength of Ties studies show somewhat higher
numbers (see Hogan, Carrasco & Wellman on our website). But still reckoned
by the dozen (or two).

When the inevitable reporter calls, how do I reconcile these numbers with
the 100-200 or so that folks on this list are saying are Facebook

Does anyone have a distribution of the # of friends per Facebook account:
mean, median, mode, quartiles, ranges would be nice too.


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