[Air-l] a modest proposal - proceedings

Jeremy Hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Sun Sep 10 19:22:04 PDT 2006

There was a journal working group, it did produce a report, i don't  
think i was on it because i don't have the archives.   i probably  
just sent stuff to it.
>> Subject: Re: [Air-l] a modest proposal - proceedings
>> I can confirm that the issue of AoIR's 'publishing' role (or perhaps
>> mediating role between members/conference delegates and  
>> publishers) will
>> be discussed at the AGM. We intend to establish a working party to
>> consider issues around the conference (proceedings? journal? volume?
>> etc) further
> I thought we did this at fairly great length a couple of years  
> ago.  [The
> establishment of a working group / discussion group to hash some of  
> this
> out, and eventually make suggestions to the exec...]
> Am I misremembering?
> I seem to recall that Jeremy, Ulla, Radhika, Lois, a few others  
> were all
> on that sub-list / semi-working-group.
> --elijah
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