[Air-l] FW: list etiquette

Charles Ess cmess at drury.edu
Mon Sep 11 06:11:57 PDT 2006

Dr. Cornwall's response is in error in at least three ways:

> I assert that Terri Senft has been allowed, without rapprochement, to use
> vulgar epithets and she has done so on three different occasions.

1) To my knowledge, none of Terri Senft's comments have appeared on the aoir
> I assert that Charles Ess as the result of a private communication, by
> someone else, has labeled me unprofessional and unethical in the public
> forum.
2) This is false.  My communication was posted to the public forum only by
My communication was to the pseudonmymous Rasputin, copied to the AoIR
executive committee (a closed list) and Jeremy Hunsinger.

3)  The AoIR guidelines for list etiquette state:

>  You should reply privately to private
> email and not forward personal email to air-l without the author's
> permission.

My email to pseudonym R was private - you have now forwarded it to air-l
without my permission.
> I don't have to prove any points I have made. They are a matter of the
> archival record. 

These errors of fact and violation of etiquette guidelines are a matter of
the archival record.  They serve rather to undermine than to support at
least these points - which in turn suggests that, in fact, assertions do
require support.

While intended privately to pseudonym R, I stand by my comments as now made
public by you.  Unfortunately, these errors of fact and violation of
etiquette guidelines are consistent with my comments.

- charles ess

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