[Air-l] FW: list etiquette

Jeremy Hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Mon Sep 11 07:30:08 PDT 2006

>> I assert that Charles Ess as the result of a private  
>> communication, by
>> someone else, has labeled me unprofessional and unethical in the  
>> public
>> forum.
> 2) This is false.  My communication was posted to the public forum  
> only by
> you.
> My communication was to the pseudonmymous Rasputin, copied to the AoIR
> executive committee (a closed list) and Jeremy Hunsinger.

in regards to this, the reason I was copied, i'd guess, is because I  
suggested to the exec that it might be good to send a note out to the  
list and its members about our organizational norms and list  
etiquette.  I was previous advising them on what we had done in the  
past and where to find that information.

In general terms, I am not addressing anyone in particular with that  
effort, but relaying on  my experience of prior events as appropriate.

As I've said before, I have no stake in this, I have tcfir.org and  
any of their collaborators that I've not met personally on ignore as  
per my previous message on this subject.  I want nothing to do with  
them, nor do I want to be included in their discussions.   I take no  
issue with them and want no dealings with them beyond the 'that is  
likely them' post that I made, which if it happens again, i'll make  
again.  I am sure that they are all nice people, who work hard, and  
want the best for the world, and i know that we all make errors in  
judgement, action, and language.  We have already discerned that we  
have points of agreement and disagreement.   I have nothing further  
to say and don't want to be included in any discussions on AIR-L that  
deal with them.  My friends and colleagues--as always--are welcome to  
talk to me off list.

I want to talk about internet research, cultural informatics, e- 
learning, digital learning, political economy,  making the world a  
better place, and anything else that I'm working on, thinking about,  
or generally interested in.  I'll contribute to those efforts  
appropriately:)  I'd encourage others to find their own interests and  
to make their contributions.   Let's get back to internet research,  
get our work done, and get on with things in the interdisciplinary,  
international, collegial and open spirit of AoIR.

Jeremy Hunsinger
School of Library and Information Science
Pratt Institute
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