[Air-l] postdoc glut and the overproduction of ph.d.'s?

Dr. W. Reid Cornwell wrc at tcfir.org
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I have been a corporate wonk most of my adult life. Spanning 3 decades, I
have had my feet squarely in both Academia and the world Corporate
community. Neither fish nor fowl, I have been criticized by both as an
apologist for the opposing view. I founded and ran a high tech "headhunting
firm" which was sold a decade ago.

My more strident opinions have derived from this experience. The sentiment
that gets me in the most trouble is that I am totally irreverent to academic
pretensions. (if not hostile) The link you provided clearly addresses one
manifestation of this pretension.

I have given it a name "Academic Arrogance." Britannica asked me to write on
this subject for their group on Gather. It sarcastically, parallels the
article in TheScience you referenced.


On another note, I apologize for the direct roasting I gave you over
"transciplinary" and other vocabulary. I could have said the same things in
other ways that were not so personal. I have posted this to the forum
because I flamed you in public so I want to apologize to you in public.

I have observed that you are a very bright young man and open to a wide
range of thinking. A characteristic I greatly admire.

I apologize to the rest of you for this personal message.



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The scientist has a nice series of articles and a blog post about the  
overproduction of ph.d.'s   this is something i'm sure most graduate  
student colleagues are feeling, especially on the job market.  the  
articles focus specifically on the special sciences, but given our  
recent job postings, i think it might be worth considering for  
internet research.

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