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Mark Warschauer markw at uci.edu
Wed Sep 13 17:12:33 PDT 2006

Also a disruptive person (and I speaking only in the general here) 
can hijack the entire direction of a list, thus limited the 
beneficial effect of filtering out an individual's messages.  A 
troll, for example, might work to intentionally raise disruptive 
points and get other list members talking about irrelevant or 
unproductive topics.  Filtering out the comments of the troll, in 
that case, will not restore the integrity of the list.  Again, I am 
just speaking generally.

>Is it just me, or does anyone find this kinda funny. I mean, it strikes
>me a bit odd--an odd importation of face-to-face communication notions
>into a non-f2f setting--to suggest that someone can "dominate"
>discussion on an email list. Unlike f2f conversation, email list
>participants can filter the stuff they get from the list either
>automatically or by deleting any message they see that comes from a
>certain person. Either filtering method is quite easy to engage in, so
>non-use of filtering can't be blamed on laziness. Does anyone else get
>the feeling that we tend to attend to list posts in a manner similar to
>the way that we attend to topical f2f utterances--i.e, we focus on
>them, give them the floor, without discrimination. Anyone with similar
>--Christian Nelson

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