[Air-l] Air-list

David M Silver dmsilver at usfca.edu
Thu Sep 14 00:15:48 PDT 2006

i agree (and i bet most listmembers agree) with Richard Forno when he says:

> I agree with Jeremy...on my lists, if someone gets too far off-topic or
> keeps breaking the list rules, I pull them aside to warn them. If it
> continues, they get removed straight away -- that's the only time I
> exercise my "iron hand as listdad." (That has rarely happened, as most
> folks tend to be respectful and responsible when warned, at least on my
> lists.)

Rasputin and Dr. W. Reid Cornwell: both of you have a lot of interesting
ideas and you certainly enjoy sharing them!  instead of pooping all over
this list, you should blog.

david silver

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