[Air-l] vampirefreaks and yesterday's massacre

Yukari Seko yukaseko at yorku.ca
Thu Sep 14 10:47:20 PDT 2006

Hi Sarah,

Upon encountering this bloody news, I did exactly same thing early in this
morning (7am in Toronto) and found the same result. Apparently his blog on
vampirefreaks.com was either removed/diminished. One of my friends who tried to
find it at 5am in Toronto this morning found the site turned to be over-accessed
and unavailable for visiters. Guess till this moment, his blog might be
Also by google search, I found his name on the goth-related site called Goth
Metal World (www.gothmetal.net). However the access to this site is currently
limited (because of over-access?) and I can't find any clue which suggests how
he perticipated in the site.
Like Sarah, I'm so curious about the regitimation of the killer's blog. If
anyone has info about what was going on last night in cyberspace, please share

Thank you so much,

Yukari Seko
M.A. candidate
Joint Programme in Communication and Culture Studies
btw York/Ryerson universities
Comcult GSA Webmaster (York)

yukaseko at yorku.ca

Quoting "Sara M. Grimes" <smgrimes at sfu.ca>:

> Hi All -
> The shootings at Dawson's College in Montreal, QC, Canada yesterday remain
> big and deeply disturbing news in Canada, as the Quebec and Montreal police
> begin to piece together a profile of the killer. Today's CBC online news
> site mentions a goth/vampire themed web community that the killer belonged
> to (vampirefreaks.com), where he apparently kept an online diary and gave
> hints about what he was planning
> (http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/2006/09/14/gunman-shooting.html).
> In trying to access his blog today, I discovered that it has unsurprisingly
> been removed. I'm assuming that police officials are responsible for this,
> to allow the investigation to proceed without interference, but could also
> see the site operators taking it down for other reasons. I was wondering if
> anyone has heard anything to confirm when/why/by whom the diary was removed?
> Is it standard practice during this type of investigation? I seem to
> remember hearing about similar blog deletions after past shootings of this
> kind, but I can't find anything written on this.
> Sara M. Grimes
> PhD Candidate/School of Communication
> Research Assistant/Applied Communication + Technology (ACT) Lab
> Simon Fraser University
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