[Air-l] vampirefreaks and yesterday's massacre

Yukari Seko yukaseko at yorku.ca
Thu Sep 14 11:29:35 PDT 2006

I found some cache in waybackmachine, too.
Interestingly, somebody just made up the killer's journal to tease him
It's my personal opinion but if the decision of removing the journal was made by
the sites themselves, this copy site will be removed soon with the same reason.
In the case of Japan, since 2004 when "net-group-suicide" has become in vogue,
the law has obliged providers to report criminal/suicide-suggestive messages to
the official. From comparative perspective, I'm interested in Canadian cases...

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yukaseko at yorku.ca

Quoting "Sara M. Grimes" <smgrimes at sfu.ca>:

> Thank you to those who have suggested I look in Google cache and similar web
> archives.
> Just to clarify on my last post and question, however, I'm trying to find
> information about how and why and by whom the journal was deleted. It seems
> that this is standard practice in these cases, but who makes the actual
> decision to remove it - is it the sites themselves, or is it a standard part
> of the police investigation (or is there even some law within the patriot
> act that dictates that they have to)?

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