[Air-l] vampirefreaks and moral panics

Anna Rogozinska milady at eo.pl
Thu Sep 14 13:13:36 PDT 2006

I agree, it already is interesting: follow the latest journal entry of 
the site's owner (http://vampirefreaks.com/) - he is trying to do some 
white PR here, the responses are first from the community only, giving 
support to one another, blaming the media for blaming them and 
solidarizing with the victims (not in many posts, though, their 
community is the most important thing in this discussion), then come 
some people from the outside blaming the community, trying to flood the 
forum (one person) or solidarizing with the victims/blaming members of 
the forum for not solidarizing enough and focusing on their community 

Fascinating, and I've just started reading.

> There was another goth-related murder, that of Pamela Vitale in 
> Calfornia. Her murderer was recently convicted. As Josh said it will be 
> interesting to see how online communities respond.
> Bonnie

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