[Air-l] psychological impact of telework

Caroline Haythornthwaite haythorn at uiuc.edu
Thu Sep 14 16:18:50 PDT 2006

Janet Salaff has a great paper on how teleworkers manage the home/work 
boundary at home. She also has other papers on teleworkers.

Salaff, Janet (2002). Where Home is the Office: The New Form of Flexible Work. 
In B. Wellman & C. Haythornthwaite (Eds.), The Internet In Everyday Life (pp. 
464-495). Oxford, UK: Blackwell. 
** earlier version available in American Behavioral Scientist, 45(3)

For a similar paper on how people manage online education with home, see my 
own paper with Michelle Kazmer

Haythornthwaite, C. & Kazmer, M. M. (2002). Bringing the Internet home: Adult 
distance learners and their Internet, Home and Work worlds. In B. Wellman & C. 
Haythornthwaite (Eds.), The Internet in everyday life (pp. 431-463). Oxford, UK: 
** also an earlier version in American Behavioral Scientist, 45(3)


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>Hi folks,
>I'm working with some students who are interested in recent research 
>on the impact of teleworking conditions (monitoring, piecework or 
>rate pay, isolation -- in some cases, de-differentiation of home and 
>work -- in some cases), have on workers. I'd be much obliged for some 
>suggestions of places to look.
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