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Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Thu Sep 14 20:38:31 PDT 2006

Thanks Charles I think the question also falls in the more broad  
computer ethics and is not limited to just researchers.

I wonder if some of you wonderful researchers out there would call  
yourselves computer ethics researchers?

Are there any of you coming from this applied philosophy field.

I should note in some of my volunteer work I am under a duty to report.

If I am on-line tomorrow in second life I will try to join the  
research ethics group for a discussion.

On 14-Sep-06, at 11:30 PM, Charles Ess wrote:

>> Sooooo, I'm turning the question around to you: at what point do  
>> people have
>> a responsibility to "intervene" in something they see online and  
>> if that
>> point comes, what form should their reaction take?
> Nice question!
> This is a significant issue specifically in Internet Research Ethics,
> especially for those researching adolescent / young adult websites.
> Our very own Susannah Stern has written two insightful and helpful  
> articles
> on this, based in part on her own experience with encountering a  
> mention of
> suicidal thoughts on a young woman's website, and then discovering  
> a few
> months later that the young woman had in fact killed herself.

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