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Anders Fagerjord anders.fagerjord at media.uio.no
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Den 14. sep. 2006 kl. 23.00 skrev Jonathan Sterne:

>  I'm turning the question around to you: at what point do people have
> a responsibility to "intervene" in something they see online and if  
> that
> point comes, what form should their reaction take?

Before one takes any action, one needs to know if it is truth or  
fiction, made by a real person or a pseudonym, a plan, a threat, or a  
joke, etc.

If Bree (a.k.a. LonelyGirl15) was openly satanist in her YouTube  
videos, or her father punished her so hard it would be a crime,  
should we take action?

The trouble with language is that it always can be used to tell a lie.

I am not arguing that we as readers don't have responsibilities, but  
I agree with those who say that the people  who know the author(s)  
personally are the ones that should care first.

By the way, if you are researching this, you might look into the case  
of the black metal artist calling himself "Greven" ("The Count").  
Varg Vikernes, as his real name is, was convicted in Norway about ten  
years ago for killing a former band member and burning several  
churches. He has now turned an extreme nationalist (you need to be an  
expert to understand what separates him from Nazism), and still has  
an international following, much of it is Web based.

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