[Air-l] vampirefreaks et al

Jonathan Sterne jonathan.sterne at mcgill.ca
Fri Sep 15 08:42:08 PDT 2006

Thanks for the kind and interesting replies.  This isn't a research topic
for me.  I just keep getting queries and so it seemed worth posing the more
vexing part of it to a group who cares about such things.

I just wanted to clarify one for Sabryna (that may have been unclear in my
original post).  I considered my encounter with the National Post writer
fairly typical, if disturbing in this context.  A good portion of the
reporters I speak with (half? more? less?) are just fishing for quotes for a
storyline they've already plotted out.  You don't fit, you don't get in the
story, or your words get turned around.  The other reporters are the ones
worth talking with, but of course you can't know ahead of time who's who.


Jonathan Sterne
Department of Art History and Communication Studies
McGill University

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