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Yes. But the apparent "register to edit" option could have been a ruse to
conceal that it's a non-editable marketing ploy. I didn't register to check.

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This is probably olds (not news) to at least some of you, but there's a
fairly comprehensive Wiki site devoted to the story behind the television
show Lost, and to ongoing associated fiction, much (though not all) as if it

were nonfiction.
Editing requires a login (which I didn't register for), so perhaps it's not
Wiki-powered just Wiki-in-appearance, but it still made we wonder what other

creative applications of Wiki might exist.


A quick technical note: that site is based on MediaWiki, and is certainly a
wiki -- it simply requires registration before editing, which is not
uncommon. There is nothing in the "wiki" concept that requires *anonymous*
editing to be possible :)  Whether to require registration or not, or
restrict editing to a specific user group, or have some finer distinctions
such as not allowing anonymous editors to create new pages etc, is typically
something that you can set up when administering a wiki. 

See the sites listed at Wikia: http://www.wikia.com/ for more wiki-powered
fan-sites (Star Trek, etc), sites on various specific topics, etc. etc. 


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