[Air-l] Taxonomy of Content on the Internet

Bob Rehak brehak1 at swarthmore.edu
Sun Sep 17 18:18:17 PDT 2006

Hi -- I'm not sure this went out correctly the first time I sent it, so
I'm trying again. Apologies for the double post if it is one.


On Sun, September 17, 2006 07:32, Muhammad Abdul-Mageed wrote:

>   Although I do not have an answer for the question you raised, I guess an
> important point is the one related to the criterion upon which we label
> anything as being metadiscursive. As far as I can see, two main
> perspectives can emerge. First, it can be said that anything that is not
> related to the propositional content--which Christy seems to call the
> 'actual thing,' is metadiscursive. Second, anything related to
> 'writer-reader' interaction can be taken as being an example of
> metadiscourse. Again, as far as I know, this will depend upon the
> perspective from which we strike the distiction between discourse and
> metadiscourse.

Taking the question in a slightly different direction, I'm curious as to
what percentage of internet "content" is pornographic -- a term, of
course, with its own fraught definitions, but one that is frequently
invoked in "moral panic" characterizations of online information. Do folks
here know of any statistical breakdowns of the internet focusing
specifically on adult/taboo material?

Bob Rehak
Visiting Assistant Professor
Film and Media Studies
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