[Air-l] Taxonomy of Content on the Internet

Nancy Baym nbaym at ku.edu
Sun Sep 17 18:49:45 PDT 2006

At the risk of complicating this still further, what are the 
boundaries of "the internet" of which one would assess the content? 
Web pages? What about what happens within the context of games? 
Emails? IMs? When I first read the question, my immediate thought was 
that one would never think to ask if more of the content of 
face-to-face conversation was 'about' things rather than things 
themselves, nor would one attempt taxonomies of telephone content.

So I guess I'm questioning whether the question as posed makes sense. 
And I don't mean that as a slight to Christy, because I think the 
basic issue of whether there is more original entertainment content 
(by which I'm assuming she means videos, art, fiction, music, etc) or 
discussion of it is interesting. I'd be inclined to guess she's right 
that there's more discussion of than creation of going on, but I'm 
guessing that's true across the board -- there are surely more 
conversations about films face-to-face than there are films.

My 2 cents.


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