[Air-l] iTunes / Pandora

Maciej Kos kos at gnu.univ.gda.pl
Tue Sep 19 07:15:09 PDT 2006

Yes, Pandora is a really exciting idea. There is an interesitng Podcast 
about it.
"Amber and Leo interview Tim Westergren from the Music Genome Project 
<http://pandora.com/mgp.shtml> and Pandora <http://pandora.com>, a 
streaming radio service that introduces you to new music based on your 

Marj Kibby napisał(a):

>Pandora tells you why it's playing the particular song:
>"It features folk influences, a vocal-centric aesthetic, major key
>tonality and other similarities with your nominated artist identified by
>the music genome project"

I am looking for an academic mentor. Would you help me?

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