[Air-l] Taxonomy of Content on the Internet

Nancy Baym nbaym at ku.edu
Wed Sep 20 09:54:06 PDT 2006

Matthew Allen wrote:

>I wonder if the problem is the word content itself (which has too many,
>contested uses).
>Firstly, on a technological basis might I suggest we separate "channel
>media" (print, radio, TV, film, videos, nonnetworked games) vs
>"environmental media" (telephone, CB radio).

I just ran across this quote which I thought encapsulated the issue nicely:

"As Hirsch and Silverstone (1992) argue, information technology poses 
unique challenges because it is both a set of artifacts to be 
consumed as well as a medium within which social relations are 
conducted." (from Nafus and Tracey "Mobile Phone and Concepts of 
Personhood" in Katz & Aarkhus Perpetual Contact, p.208)

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