[Air-l] Taxonomy of Content on the Internet

William Bain willronb at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 21 03:02:35 PDT 2006

I just ran across this quote which I thought encapsulated the 

issue nicely:

"As Hirsch and Silverstone (1992) argue, information technology

 poses unique challenges because it is both a set of artifacts

 to be consumed as well as a medium within which social

 relations are conducted." (from Nafus and Tracey

 "Mobile Phone and Concepts of Personhood" in Katz & Aarkhus 

Perpetual Contact, p.208)
  Thanks, that helps a good deal, Nancy. For me at least. The artifact concept seems to me to go a long way in addressing the process-like nature and the entity-like nature of IT. Is this extendable to meta-artifacts? I think it has to be, though undoubtedly there’s a constant or relatively constant merging of the meta form with the non-meta form. And then, are there meta-media? Are social studies meta-social relations? Something on the meta-media idea at http://www.firstmonday.org/issues/issue2_9/aigrain/ I hope I’m not just rambling into infinite regress. Or is infinite regress part of the nature of the construct............
  Best regards, William

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