[Air-l] Trusted Wikipedia

Bob Rehak brehak1 at swarthmore.edu
Thu Sep 21 10:08:38 PDT 2006

On Thu, September 21, 2006 13:03, Sam Tilden wrote:
> Does everyone realize that this is what Cornwell was talking about and
> everyone flamed him.

That's funny -- I was just thinking how nice it was to see the list being
used for an interesting and civil discussion about topics related to
internet culture, as opposed to near-obsessive metadiscussion of the list
itself, spiced with subtle condescension toward its membership.

I'm not trying to restart any arguments here -- just noting that tone
matters as much as topic choice, and lately it's been nice around here.

Bob Rehak
Visiting Assistant Professor
Film and Media Studies
Swarthmore College

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