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Rosanna Tarsiero rosanna at gionnethics.com
Fri Sep 22 02:40:57 PDT 2006


You asked:
"Does Tuckman have anything new that you can site? How about Pallof & Pratt?

Pallof and Pratt are original thinkers. What they wrote is unconventional,
in practice as well as in theory. For one because they have studied a real
group of learners as opposed to lab-rat ones. For two they have studied this
group from within and yet they haven't used ethnography. Finally, because
their findings go completely against the conventional wisdom which has its
origins into the cues-filtered out approach (and similar deterministic
stands, even though socially or psychologically oriented).

They didn't quite frame it in this way (and it's a pity), but what they did
was action learning.

Rosanna Tarsiero

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