[Air-l] groups

Dr. Steve Eskow drseskow at cox.net
Sun Sep 24 14:18:58 PDT 2006






Since I don't know you I am left with having to ask you about your intent.>>




<<1. I paragraph one designed to pose a serious question or is it puposely
obtuse to provoke comment?>>


Note the logistical problem created by online communication. You haven't
included my "paragraph one" in your message: in order to answer your
question I would have to leave this message, find the message to which this
refers, and so on. I assume you haven't proceeded this way in order to
provoke me, but I have no way now of dealing with your question. Did you
intend "purposely obtuse" as an insult?


<<2. My first reaction to paragraph 2 is that it is condescending, was that
your intent.>>


I don't have paragraph 2 before me. Why do you ask such a question?


<<3.the third paragraph is on point since some many of our group members
have cited Tuckman and Paloff and Pratt as seminal in their work. Do you
think that "groupness" in online communities is not understood and has been
explained by innappropriate correlations.>>


I feel that you are grading me, paragraph by paragraph. Was that your


I think "groupness" is a concept developed before the Internet created new
possibilities for collaborative dialogue, and that it is possible that the
attempt to apply analytical concepts developed for face-to-face "groups" may
not be useful for these newer forms.


Your message to me illustrates the point. Is it part of the stage of
"forming"? "Storming?" None of the above? All of the above?




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