[Air-l] groups

Rosanna Tarsiero rosanna at gionnethics.com
Sun Sep 24 14:39:03 PDT 2006


So that you know...

You asked:
"I feel that you are grading me, paragraph by paragraph."

It happens *very* frequently in listserv involved in research of *any*
kind.... in virtual communities of practice of researchers, the
"peer-to-peer" spirit is a weird one. It's an egalitarian one among experts,
it's a top-down one between an expert and a newbie (instantly defined
"troll" if s/he doesn't conform to the top-down part of the norm).

Oddly, this is a tribal aspect of communities of researchers. Participants
post in a given way, with a given lingo (not discussing, but putting
references interspersed in what they write as if they were writing an
article), and honor and recognition are highly valued.

It's particularly interesting to see online exchanges because they make the
tribe apparent.


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