[Air-L] Dissertation

brook bolander brookbolander at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 07:31:40 PDT 2007

Dear Åsa Rosenberg,

Thanks a lot for your informative and interesting e-mail.

You make a good point about the use of quotations, and I will have to
re-think that aspect, although since my analysis will be linguistic, it will
be easier to point to uses of linguistic and paralinguistic features,
without quoting the clauses in which they are found, than in other forms of

Do I understand you correctly that it is more a matter of ethics, than legal
issues with regards to the blogger, who has concerns consenting for her
readers. The way I see it, I can reply to the blogger that she is welcome to
inform her readers in a post that the blog is being observed for research,
but that there are no legal problems in her informing me that I may study
her blog, as long as I anonymize the readers etc.?

Best wishes

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