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Matthew Bernius mbernius at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 15:43:52 PDT 2007

To second what Alex and other have said, in my experience US IRB boards in

1. Treat anything that's posted to the internet, without any form of
membership/login as public speech. That goes for posts and comments.

2. In general once any form of log-in comes into play (as in myspace or live
journal) then you need to get specific permission to publish. The only case
where you have wiggle room is in cases where all that is needed is to create
a log in based on an e-mail address (which can be argued are freely
available to anyone). However, if the owner of the blog has to give you
permission to read their entries (or in some cases the owner of the content)
then you definitely need to get consent there.

3. If individuals have taken steps to protecting their identities, you also
need permission if you are going to link screen names with RL "real names".

4. Get permissions for any interview data (again, just like in off line

- Matt

Matthew Bernius
Visiting Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
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