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Ed Lamoureux ell at bumail.bradley.edu
Fri Aug 10 15:44:46 PDT 2007

Sorry folks.
I've been overly involved in this one.
My bad.
I'm sorry if I've taxed your patience.

The positions I've taken today have sounded very "establishment." My  
actual belief system is somewhat contrary to some of what I've noted.
In general, what I believe about IP law is this:

this new media  climate is REALLY challenging for IP law.
I teach about it all the time, usually AGAINST the current regime.

"WE the people" have NOT been adequately represented by our elected  
officials in these matters.
They've given over law making, for 100 years, to industry legal beagles.
So now that the law has to apply to everyman, it can't cause it was  
written by and for the big content industries.
And the law changes real slow. And the last time it changed (DMCA) it  
headed further against users. We have no IP law for new media users.

However, we DO have a lot of IP law that IS still in place and DOES  
get applied, everyday. Just because many ignore it does NOT make it  
irrelevant.  And of course, US IP law does not in every place apply.

In general what I believe about data collection is that informed  
consent is pretty darned important and that, generally speaking,  
human subjects should be protected as thoroughly as we can. Having  
said that, I've both done a lot of field research and taught a lot  
about it.. . and I'm real clear about the various nuances of public/ 
private & permissions. I did my dissertation using a recording  
walkman, set on record in full view, without any permissions, in  
retail shops, among random and anonymous subjects who were totally  
unaware they were research subjects. That work would be illegal today  
and I wouldn't be able to get the permission of the stores--I did  
then. It was legal 25 years ago in the states in which I did the  
work . . . so I understand both sides of the fence. I tend, now, to  
be a bit more conservative about such matters than I was in my  
graduate school days (and I  almost NEVER use the C word to describe  

the nature of the internet certainly complicates all of these matters  

I need to stop harping now. ... please understand if I don't answer  
your worthy questions past this post. . .  my hands hurt. Thank you  
for listening to my rantings today . . . maybe we helped clarify  
issues for some readers; maybe not. In any case, I continue to  
monitor the list of esteemed colleagues, in who almost every case  
know WAY more than do I about internet research, with interest and  


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