[Air-L] Public/ Private

Lois Ann Scheidt lscheidt at indiana.edu
Mon Aug 13 16:07:13 PDT 2007

> It seems that when we say that "the ground rule is that if you post it on
> the web its public" we mean that as a truth that disqualifies the
> expectations and wishes of some people. Do we follow the participants wishes
> against what we think is better knowledge or do we own up to the fact that
> research sometimes involves dominance?

I don't think we have said, at least I know I haven't said, that 
everything on the web is public.  I know it's not.  What I am talking 
about in my posts are webpages, etc, that are publicly accessible.  So 
if the page does not require a password for access or if the receipt of 
the password (aka registration) is an automatic approval process then I 
would call the page "publicly accessible."  However if the webpage, or 
site, is not publicly accessible then different rules apply.

I think what you do over and above the legal/IRB requirements (and I'm 
only talking about the US here) is completely up to you.  I've never 
seen an IRB crank someone back if they want to use informed consent in 
a publicly accessible venue.  Of course that isn't usually the 
problem...usually we get requests that would be equivalent to a waver 
of informed consent where normally consent would be required...and the 
reason for the waver is that the researcher doesn't want to get 
informed consent.

Or as I can be properly, though not politically appropriately, term the 
"Waaaa Waaaa Waaaa" proposal.  "I'm to busy to bother with getting 
informed consent...besides everyone knows I would never do anything bad 
to anyone."  Waaa Waaa Waaa

Sorry we really needed a touch of humor on this thread...even if it is 
in moderately poor taste. *S*


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