[Air-L] history of social network sites

danah boyd aoir.z3z at danah.org
Fri Aug 3 01:00:12 PDT 2007

Nicole Ellison and I are working on our intro for the special issue  
of JCMC on social network sites.  One of the sections in our intro is  
a history of SNSs; we're vetting it publicly to make certain that  
there are no issues or errors.  If this is something of interest to  
you, please check out: http://www.danah.org/papers/worksinprogress/ 
SNSHistory.html  (Feedback obviously welcome, or rather begged for...)

We are also trying to make certain that we have an up-to-date list of  
publications on the topic (for the lit review section).  If you're  
working in this area or know this area, could you check out: http:// 
www.danah.org/SNSResearch.html  -- I'd love to know of work that's  
not listed here.  Please please please chime up if you know something  
that's missing from this list.

[Also, many of you responded a month ago when my essay on class and  
SNS spiraled a bit out of control.  I haven't yet had the chance to  
respond to all of the thousands of emails and comments I received,  
but I did put together a long response to the major issues.  If  
that's of interest: http://www.danah.org/papers/essays/ 
ResponseToClassDivisions.html   And I *really* appreciate the  
comments from folks from AOIR - they were far more constructive than  
most of what I received.]

I hope everyone's having a fantastic summer!


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