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Ed Lamoureux ell at bumail.bradley.edu
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IP law is really clear on this.
once I put the ideas into form, they are protected by copyright law.
You can't copy my song without permission. If you do, it's infringement.
Doesn't matter where you do it.  If I find out about it, I can seek a  
cease and desist order

On Aug 10, 2007, at 12:54 PM, Conor Schaefer wrote:

>  It's more of a philosophical issue to me than a legal
> one, the answer to whether street performance of a piece grants  
> another
> the right to play it. This is especially pertinent in your analogy to
> the net, because of the compartmentalization of spaces. For instance,
> while you as a street performer might take issue with my playing your
> song on the corner opposite you, what if I'm doing it on the other  
> side
> of town? What if on another continent? While word might eventually  
> reach
> your ears of this, don't assume that you could use a search engine to
> find work you made--especially if it's multimedia, an area in which  
> the
> search industry is trying desperately to improve performance.

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