[Air-L] help on africa and computer donations

Jimmy Wales jwales at wikia.com
Tue Aug 28 08:25:19 PDT 2007

Paul DiPerna wrote:
> The business/political dynamics at play between the One Laptop
> Project and Craig Barrett/Intel are interesting.  The CBS report
> implicitly raises some profound questions about how oligopolies (here
> in the US. for example) can actually stifle technological progress
> and the diffusion of an innovation to the masses.  I'm not a business
> analyst by any stretch of the imagination, but that was one of my
> takeaways.

My takeaway is the exact opposite: a politically connected charismatic 
operator can hijack the governmental developmental agenda to achieve 
unfair advantage, destroying emerging markets with an inferior and 
frankly absurd product that no one wants or needs... in the name of charity.


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