[Air-L] research regs.

Marj Kibby Marj.Kibby at newcastle.edu.au
Sat Aug 11 21:54:49 PDT 2007


Doesn't this say clearly that if the blog (publicly available) already
exists before your study begins, and was not set up for the purpose of
your study then it is exempt?


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>>> Ed Lamoureux <ell at bumail.bradley.edu> 08/12/07 12:35 PM >>>

4. Research involving the collection or study of existing data,  
documents, records . . . if these sources are publicly available OR  
if the information is recorded by the investigator in such a maner  
that subjects cannot be identified, directly or through identifiers  
linked to the subjects. Note: in  order to be eligible for this  
exemption, all data, documents, records, or specimens must exist  
prior to IRB review and must have been collected for purposes other  
than the proposed research. (To qualify for an exemption in this  
category, the proposed research must be strictly retrospective).

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