[Air-L] MA class on orgs and tech - need reading recommendations

Caroline Haythornthwaite haythorn at uiuc.edu
Mon Dec 10 05:54:09 PST 2007

I taught an Information, Technology and Organizations a few years back for 
undergrads. The syllabi are online. This is the most recent, but definitely out of 
date at this time. 



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>Subject: [Air-L] MA class on orgs and tech - need reading recommendations  
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>Hi all,
>Hope you all are well! I am looking for some reading recommendations  
>for a class I'm teaching this spring. It is an MA-level course in a  
>technology-focused department with two tracks - one focused on web  
>design and the other on social science and policy.  The course is  
>called "Organizations and Technology" and the description is quite  
>broad. I am looking to revamp the class, most likely with a focus on  
>industry developments and the ways in which various orgs are  
>incorporating/capitalizing on "web 2.0" features.
>Any suggestions re: readings? Some I am already evaluating: Nicholas  
>Carr's "Does IT Matter," "Information Rules" (Shapiro and Varian),  
>"Long Tail" (Anderson), and "Wikinomics" (Tapscott and Williams).  
>Article suggestions are welcome as well.
>Thanks much in advance!
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>Nicole Ellison, PhD
>nellison at msu.edu
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