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MLA and Popular Culture Association isn't really comparable though. Popular
Culture Association accepts every single abstract, which is why it has lost
a lot of credibility and became a joke of some sort (assessment heard from
others, never been). MLA, on the other hand, is more selective and conducts
a lot of interview sessions for the humanities division (not sure if Popular
Culture has that angle, maybe it does). So there is a wide gap of difference
between the two... MLA is perceived to be a more credible conference and if
you want to get hired in the humanities field, you attend it. Not sure if
that is the case with PCA.

But I agree, AoIR probably got more streamlined and more accepted lately.

On Dec 16, 2007 4:03 PM, Holly Kruse <holly-kruse at utulsa.edu> wrote:

> > ... and academia is mocked ;-)
> Isn't that always the case with these kinds of articles?  Usually though
> it's either the MLA or the Popular Culture Association.  Maybe this means
> AoIR has now really made it :-)
> Holly
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