[Air-L] snide, cute, ignorant, surprising

danah boyd aoir.z3z at danah.org
Sun Dec 16 18:25:41 PST 2007

::hands over face in horror::

I'm sooooo sorry for whatever role that I played in the creation of  
the article.  I have to admit that I spent the bulk of the day  
wavering between being pissed off and being downright depressed. I'm  
sure it won't surprise any of you that much of this was taken out of  
context (and another chunk is outright wrong).  I was particularly  
horrified by how she framed my deceased advisor as a fool. But I'm  
also sorry to everyone here who implicitly got framed poorly. Yuck  
yuck yuck.

As for receiving threats, yes, I received multiple after my essay this  
summer, although none from academics (that I know of).  This (along  
with the folks who photoshopped me as a cutter) was documented in my  
response to my essay this summer: http://www.danah.org/papers/essays/ResponseToClassDivisions.html

I'm also annoyed with the implicit comment about my blog being my  
scholarship. Just in case it wasn't clear, I don't by any means  
consider my blog scholarship.  At most, it's fieldnotes and musings.  
After the mess this summer, I considered taking it down, but the fact  
is that writing musings and getting feedback really helps me think  
through things.  I just never thought that they would ever be assumed  
to be final publications, but conversation starters.

Also, as Nancy has said, I do *not* take credit for creating this  
field (or internet anthropology or many other things that press folks  
claim). The odd thing is that she tried to force me into claiming that  
I invented this field and was the reason for the creation of social  
computing at RIT and UMich and I was like oh god no.  It seems as  
though she put things in my mouth even when I explicitly rejected them.

There are so many other issues with that article... I'm not even sure  
where to begin. But I'm super sorry and ashamed. I'm trying to do my  
research and make it public because I think that's important (and it's  
in my activist nature), not because I want to pick fights with fellow  
academics or make anyone look bad. One of the reasons that I wanted to  
put together that JCMC issue with Nicole was to highlight others' work  
in a collected way, not to send negativity their way.  (And,  
incidentally, not all articles on SNSs cite my work.)

If there are indeed folks out there who feel "seething resentment,"  
please let me know how I can help. Cuz omg is this not something that  
I want to make people feel and I'm so sorry if I do. I feel terrible.  
I'm so sorry.


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