[Air-L] UPI (was: AoIR in today's Washington Post)

Alex Randall Alex at islands.vi
Mon Dec 17 15:13:04 PST 2007

UPI Proves once again that they read other writers stuff, cull out the nouns 
and verbs and publish that distillation and present it as if this was 
insight or news. No wonder  the place is always hovering around bankruptcy. 
What a terrible Cliff's notes version of the Post story - which was bad 

danah: You should examine the early life of Margaret Mead - who at age 26 
made an international splash and was instantly in the limelight - and stayed 
there for the balance of her life.  Once you acheive a modicum of 
newsworthiness - you keep being newsworthy until you fail to keep up with 
your own image. Play your media cards carefully and you'l spend a lifetime 
in the SoundBytes.

Margaret said "Speak in Soundbytes"

Alex Randall 

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